96 VW Jetta - will idle but cough, sputter, die if accelerate too fast. Help?

I have a 96 VW Jetta base model 2.0L engine 95,000 miles. Ran fine. last week died at red light all of a sudden. will restart and idle, but if i accelerate too fast it coughs sputters n dies. It will go from idle up thru gears and run up to any speed if you barely press on gas pedal. Even at any speed reached if you press gas pedal down more than a 1/4 inch (like to pass or to accelerate from stop light) it will die. Does this in park, neutral and all gears. I changed the fuel filter and problem still persists. Had tune up about 10,000 miles ago included new wires, plugs, dist cap, button, air filter.

Have the fuel pressure checked. The fuel pump may be tired, and unable to deliver the extra fuel for decent acceleration. A fuel pressure check can also reveal a bad regulator.