96 Subaru Legacy loses power



My Subaru Legacy Brighton (automatic)loses power on a gradually steep, hill in town. It seems to be unable to discern when it is supposed to shift. Then it loses power and the engine light comes on…it has died twice on this hill. It starts back up within a few minutes. The engine light will go off after a couple of days. Oddly… I am able to drive up fairly steep hills to my house on a daily basis with no problem, but it will struggle or die on this particular hill.

Shortly after I first bought the car the engine light came on on this hill and I had the code read. I don’t remember the code but my mechanic said it was a misfire.

My boyfriend recently had the oil changed by a common chain place… the first time ever, as I have always had my oil changed by my mechanic. I use regular gas. Other than this the car runs beautifully.


The fuel delivery may be the problem. Replace the fuel filter first to see if that helps. If that doesn’t help then see if the pressure is low. You may need to replace the fuel pump.