96 Saturn Trouble

I just bought myself a 96 saturn to get me to and from work. I noticed though that as I accelerate it jerks to one side and as I pull my foot off the gas it jerks back to the other side. Anyone have this problem or know what it could be?

Front wheel drive cars do exibit what is known as “torque steer” I wonder if this is what you are experiencing?

thanks … is this something that I can fix or just have to put up with … it does scare me if I’m going over 45 mph. I’m almost afraid one of the front wheels are going to pop off.

You should not be feeling 'torque steer" when accelerating from 45 (at most minimal)Torque steer is most evident from a standing start,leads me to recommend a inspection (take a mechanic on a test drive)I am thinking engine mount,needs a look just to be sure.