96 Saturn idles rough

I have a 96 saturn sl2. It was running ok, but recently it started to idle rough and it revs up when i change gears and then when i release
the clutch it drops down and remains about 1200 rpm. Pretty much while I press on the brakes to stop, and press the clutch to get on neutral,
the rpm shoots up and slowly goes back down.
Also when I start the car it feels like its revving, but my foot is on the brake and the car is on neutral.
Also no matter how much I’ve driven it, I can go into first and 2nd gear w/out having to press the accelerator and it will start to move. the rpm will remain @ about 1000 to 1200. The check engine light is not on and the car seems to be using up more gas.

I’m considering changing the plugs and wires, gas filter to see if it helps. I noticed oil leaking a little around the valve cover, so I may change that too.


All the items are likely due for replacement. Your idle might need more attention to the mass airflow sensor, and there is a idle control valve in there somewhere too. Go ahead with your plans, but you will likely have to dig a little deeper to cure the idle speed issue.

If you’re even thinking about plugs/wires/filters then you should just do them. But as UncleTurbo suggested you’re likely to find the idle issue elsewhere. Sounds like a dirty throttle body to me. Clean that, and the IAC valve and the MAF sensor.

Saturn’s have a history of leaking at the intake manifold gasket around the #1 cylinder and you have all of the symptoms. Its easy to check by spraying something around the gasket at that point. You can use any number of products like wd40 or starting fluid. If the idle is affected at all when you spray, the gasket is leaking. If you check for codes, you may have a pending P0507. as long as it is only pending, it won’t set the CEL.