96 nissan sentra

I have a 96 Nissan Sentra that is leaking some type of oil. Last night I was at a party and I did the polite thing and parked half in the driveway and half in the yard so people could leave if needed. Little did I know that the driveway was about a foot higher than the yard, and when I tried to get back on the driveway after the party I scraped something near the front right tire of the car. After a carwash today my car looked like it was leaking some yellowish/oily fluid at that spot, and I checked underneath the hood and whatever is leaking seems to be underneath the alternator. Is this something that needs immediate attention or can it wait one or two days? And just what is it?

Yes, this needs immediate attention, as do all undiagnosed leaks. The description sounds like it might be coolant.

Since thet coolant there is under pressure when hot, typically about 15 PSI when hot, it’ll empty pretty fast. I’d get it towed to the shop rather than drive it.