96 Nissan Sentra Overheating

When I stopped for gas while driving home from work last week I noticed steam coming from under the hood. On inspection I noticed that the external antifreeze reservoir was full, much higher than the max fill line and boiling. After letting the engine cool the reservoir level dropped. I checked and added antifreeze,50/50 mix, to the radiator. The next day I back flushed the heater core and radiator. It still overheats except when I drive with the heater running. The top radiator hose going from the engine to the radiator is hot after driving indicating the the thermostat is opening. Any suggestions.

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The problem might be from a partially restricted radiator.

When you turn the heat on the heater core acts as a secondary radiator, where it removes heat from the coolant where a partially restricted radiator is no longer capable of doing.



Thank you for your reply. I noticed that after flushing the system there was still some antifreeze in the radiator. I had to disconnect the lower hose to drain the system since I didn’t see a valve on the bottom of the radiator. Do you think that another longer flush might clear the restriction?

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