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'96 Honda Accord hit by a taxi cab in NYC

This past Dec. I was driving around Manhattan and decided to take a left turn on a green light with on coming traffic. My car made it 75% onto the next street when my rear end was hit by a taxi cab.

So this car is paid off, it has 212,000 miles on it. It is a 96 but it is a Honda. I don’t want to buy a new car. I wanted to see if fixing this car would be worth it. The trunk was smashed in a little and there might be some frame damage. I am waiting on the insurance company to see if there is. The lights need to be fixed and the rear passenger side panel. I was lucky cause the rear passenger side tire made it just by a inch. The car is drivable just not legal.


Thank you.

Sounds like it is repairable. You might just want to get everything straightened out and functional. New paint and making it pretty again will involve a lot more money than just making it a functional “city” car.

Why is it taking so long??? More then a month seems way too long to me.

Doing major body repair on a 14 year old car with 212K miles on the clock is simply NOT going to happen. Insurance companies are not charities. They will total your car, writing you a check for $1500-$1800 if you are lucky and still have collision insurance. You won’t get a dime from the cab company…

Grab any settlement that you can get from the insurance company. Have a mechanic bolt on some universal tail and stop lights available at any auto parts store to make the car street legal. It won’t be pretty, but you have a 14 year old car with 212,000 miles. After it is street legal, drive the Accord until it croaks. Invest the rest of the insurance money that you have in a CD so that it grows interest to help pay for your next car.