96 Eldorado ABS



I get a rough feel in my breal pedal, it only lasts for a second. It felt like I was draging something under the car.It happens now and then, somthing not for a week. Also, I noticed there is no pulse in the pedal whenever I apply the breaks and they feel mushy. My ABS ligt is off when I start the car,then after a while is goes on. can you help?


Nick, your ABS has a component failure somewhere in the system. I’m not familiar specifically with the Caddy system, but ABS arrangements all consist of 3 basic elements: (1) speed sensors at the 4 wheels (or at the front 2 and one at the differential), (2) a control unit (computer that processes the info from the speed sensors), and (3) a pressure regulator (pump to pulse brake fluid faster than the human foot could, if the computer sends the signal that the wheels have lost traction). Yours may also have some ancillary components, like overvoltage protection relays and other relays. The ABS light comes on when there’s some sort of failure in one of those components. The reason you’re getting a shuddering in the brake pedal when you first start off, is that the system is not working correctly, but it’s still engaged and trying its best to function as intended. When you build up some speed the system disengages and the light comes on. At that point, there should be no more shuddering or grinding noises, because the ABS in inoperative. Now, you’re driving just like we all did 25 years ago, having to be a bit more careful on slick roads.

The thing to do is to take it to your mechanic and have him/her read the trouble code from the vehicle’s diagnostics. Newer vehicles have codes for ABS functions; I’m not sure when Cadillac added those codes. If it was later than '96, your mechanic is going to have to do a thorough job of testing the circuitry for continuity.