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96 Corolla stalls on acceleration, white smoke from air intake

I have a 96 Corolla 1.8l. I bought the car in Fremont, and drove it to Daly City (40ish miles), with no problems. I spent a couple of hours driving around SF the next day, and my car stalled on me, after trying to accelerate from a stop light. I felt the car shuddering a little bit on the test drive home while at lights, and did notice it felt like it didn’t have great responsiveness.

The car will idle all day long, but as soon as you try to move forward, it stalls. It’s throwing a code for P0105, I replaced the map sensor, and it still stalls. I can’t find any vacuum leaks visually, but haven’t tried spraying starting fluid anywhere while idling. ODB scanner says Fuelsys1: OL ERROR. Any idea what the problem could be?

A P0105 can also be a bad TPS. And given the engine won’t take any throttle, I’d say that is a real possibility. Easy enough to check with a voltmeter.

Did any more codes get set by this? And do you have fuel in the tank? Have you checked the fuel pressure?

I have a knock sensor code, but the guy I bought the car from says he replaced this a while ago, and light keeps coming on. Yes, there is fuel in the tank, I also added some fuel injector cleaner. It’s actually at the mechanic right now getting diagnosed, so hopefully he will be able to tell me more. I haven’t checked the TPS yet, as my Multimeter is in Oregon ATM.

Have not checked pressure or pump, as I’m just kind of broke from the car purchase right now.

So what is the “white smoke from the air intake” in the title but described nowhere in the post?

How many miles on this 23 year old car?

246K. When the car stalls, there’s kind of a THUD, BANG, CLUNK, CLUNK (Sounds like a pathetic attempt at combustion, like a dud firework). That’s followed by white smoke (or steam), coming from the air intake specifically. I thought this fact, may help to pinpoint where exactly this is happening, but not sure if it’s relevant to the problem.

Look for head gasket leak. Also timing chain/valve adjustment.

No coolant in oil, or oil in coolant, temp stays constant, no oil leaks, oil level/coolant levels stay constant.

I will definitely have mechanic check timing.

Read this.


Thanks, that was the most helpful article I’ve read concerning this so far. The car exhaust does smell like gas somewhat (I said to myself, this car stinks) the day it died on me. So maybe my o2 sensor is bad, causing a rich condition, and then flooding? Would this throw a code for a rich condition though?