96 Chevy S10 Blazer Sluggish on startup


Could anyone suggest what may be causing my wife’s car to be very sluggish when you first start it. When you try to give it some gas, it tries to just die out. It doesn’t quit, it just sputters and will eventually move on. It is ok once the engine warms up to operating temperature.



[b]You might want to check the fuel pressure and volume.

If there’s a weak fuel pump or if the fuel filter is restricted, this will effect engine performance at a cold start.

When the engine is started cold, the demand for fuel for the engine is at it’s highest. If the fuel pressure is low, or the volume of fuel is reduced because a restricted fuel filter, the engine will starve for fuel. And this can cause the engine to lay down when the accelerator is applied.

Once the engine warms up, the demand for fuel for the engine decreases. So if the fuel pressure is marginal, or the filter is restricted, it could be delivering the proper pressure and volume for a warmed up engine.