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95 VW Cabrio fuel pump/filter/rail issue

1995 VW Cabrio

The fuel pump went out, wouldn’t turn over when turning the key, so we replaced that. Now the pump will engage for half a second and stop, pumping out maybe half an ounce of fuel, but the car will not start and the pump won’t send more fuel. We’ve removed the intake manifold to get to the rail, and the small amount of fuel will move to the rail, but it isn’t coming out of the injectors. We haven’t gotten to the filter yet, but if there is a clog in the line, it’s in the filter or in a line somewhere. No engine codes, so we think either the new pump is bad, or else there’s a clog acting as a valve. We aren’t sure what else to look for, and we don’t think the little squirt of fuel from the pump is enough to get the car running anyways. Any ideas?

Look for an inertia switch (& relay) that disables the fuel pumpp in the event of an accident. In short, check power at the pump.

I’ll bet it is the Load Reduction Relay. A design problem that has never been fixed. RSVP cartalk,if this does/not work. See other Jetta TDI .