95 Toyota Corolla 194,000 miles

I plan to take this car from Connecticut to Oregon. I took it to the mechanic he said at first that the parts had milage but that I should be okay. But, then he pointed out that the brake lines are rusted and could go at any moment. The car drives fine. I’m wondering if there would be any indication if I’m going to lose brakes? Can I drive this car as is across country?

You will be doing some mountain driving and make hard use of the brakes. I would replace ANY bad brake lines, it’s not safe drive with such a time bomb. Just make sure the mechanic is not referring to just some surface rust.

I’m with Doc on this one. Assuming he showed you the lines and they’re actually corroded, you need to get them replaced.

I agree. Corroded brake lines will make for a bad day if they fail. Don’t take chances.

I "may be over reacting, but…Forget the mountain driving…it’s not safe now ! If it could go any minute…I hope you’re not driving it now. If I trusted the mechanic, I wouldn’t have driven it out of the shop.

A go component is one thing…a stop component is a whole different game. Just because you’re not wizzing down a mountain in a month but instead stopping at a crosswalk when kids are passing now, that doesn’t make it any less safe…why take it out again…until it’s fixed.

If the mechanic said you could loose your engine, you might not have left…but he told you instead, you could loose control of your car at any moment, and you drove away.

Good points Dag.
Failure of a car to go can ruin your day, but failure of a car to stop can ruin the rest of your life. And the lives of others as well.