95 subaru - sputter though first gears

ok so i have a 95 Subaru impreza and it starts and revs fine, however once i start to accelerate it into the first couple of gears it sputters and struggles. my check engine light is also blinking. When i get past 2nd or 3rd it will run perfectly fine and reach high speeds fine and the check engine light goes solid. i only have the issue through those couple of gears. i have the most trouble through intersections and turns. it also sputters when im backing out. I have been told it might be vapor lock, a Miss fire or a fuel injection problem. i just sunk like 1200 dollars into this baby for the struts and alternator so i want to get a good idea of what it could be before i spend any more money on it. i would really really appreciate the help

Vapor lock is not the problem.

The CEL is flashing to get your attention, and I’ll bet the owner’s manual says you should stop driving if the light is flashing.

Have someone read the trouble codes stored in the computer. The codes will give you a starting point to figure out what’s causing the problem. Many parts stores will read the codes free, or you could let your mechanic do it as a preliminary to whatever repairs are needed.

There are diagnostic procedures to be followed for each code, to eliminate some of the multiple possibilities. A good mechanic will do this rather than just start replacing parts.