95 Nissan Quest

I have a 95 nissan quest, a few days ago i put gas in the car and about 30 miles later it started acting up. Whenever i come to a stop the idle drops all the way to zero and then comes back up, but sometimes it turns off. while on a complete stop when accelerating it hesitates. There are even times if your driving and let go of the gas and not even step on the brake it shuts off. Any help would greatly to appreciated

Is the check engine light on?

No, the check engine light hasn’t came on. Could it be that i possibly got bad gas and there’s water in the gas?

Possible, yes, but unlikely. If you suspect water, add a bottle of DryGas or similar product to the tank.

if that doesn’t fix it, what else do you recommend it would possibly be? Thanks

Can anyone give me a possible cause for this problem that i am experiencing with my van? I’m gonna go ahead and replace the spark plugs and wires even though i know that might not be the problem, but since i haven’t replaced them in like forever i will go ahead & do so. I will also replace my fuel filter. Any other parts that you guys think i should replace would be nice to hear. Thanks

Why didn’t you change those parts first, before coming here? Now, we won’t know the results of changing those parts until you get around to it, some day.
Also, change the air filter. The iac (idle air control valve) may be hanging up. Use a MAF cleaner to clean the MAF (Mass Air Flow) sensor. Use a throttle body cleaner to clean the iac, and throttle body bore and throttle plate.
When you get that done, you can come back and talk to us.

I replaced the wires, plugs, fuel filter and air filter. Still having the same problem. I notice when removing the gas cap it made a pretty loud hissing noise! It seemed to worsen after i removed the cap. After i screwed the cap back on, i started up the car and it died out, tried it again & at 1st the rpm’s dropped like it was going to dye again, but came back up & stayed on. I tried it again turned it off, waited a minute or so, started it & same thing happened it turned off. It seems that the car gets worse when it’s at operating temp. Letting go of the gas at any speed will make it dye out, i have to stop w/my left foot on the brake while the right one is stepping on the accelerator.

When you changed the air filter, you were right there; why didn’t you use the cleaners?

I forgot to mentioned that i also cleaned the MAF and throttle body. Still same problem. Can it possibly be the MAF? Thanks

It looks like its time to turn it over to a mechanic to do some electrical checks on the MAF, and iac valve. The instructions are in repair manuals.

Check the fuel pressure

Cigroller and Hellokit aren’t in disagreement. Do BOTH. All the things mentioned affect how the engine runs.