95 mercury grand marquis

Sometimes when my torque converter locks up in 3rd and in overdrive the car jerks like it just stripped a gear and then it is fine. Ford tried to fix it on warranty for 10 years but couln’t and then refused to do anymore for me. They claim that it doesn’t happen when they drive it. Has anyone else had this problem? I think it has to be the computer that controls the torque converter. Help please.

I think this is a common problem when these wear. Adding Red Lube Guard to the fluid helped mine a lot.

There were a number of Technical Service Bulletins (TSB) which outlined repair procedures on automatic transmissions which had the erratic lock up torque converter problem that your car has. These TSB’s were put out between 1995 to 1998. They may not have been performed on your car. Take your car to a reputable automatic transmission repair shop. These are people who should know more of repairing your transmission than a dealer’s general mechanic.

What you have is what Ford calls Torque Converter shudder. It happens when the transmission fluid is low on whatever additive it has to allow electrical conductivity within the tranny. Wynns makes a compound to restore that conductivity. I’m told it works, but I’ve never needed used it. I have changed (flush and fill) the transmission’s fluid with the same result.

See: http://www.wynnsusa.com/transmission.asp and scroll down a bit.