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95 maxima steering pump? puzzlier..also

when turning the car makes a noise, coming from front end. replaced bushings, brakes, axles. Power steering fluid leak…not sure where coming from. Degreased engine (bottom as well) …pressure washed…started car hour later and noticed ps fluid was bubbling out of resevoir cap. Is it the pump or something else? it was not overfilled…between hot and cold marks…forgot to say…drove it to test new axles…and then the car died after driving less than .5 mi. Would not restart…until jumped…would not hold charge. Did I wet something down I shouldn’t of…why has it started no problem b4 and now dies while turning into driveway. BTW…this all happened in one day Thanks

Use a stop leak in the power steering. I’ve had success with it. Someone would have to listen to the noise in person.
Yes, you may have gotten water in a connection. Trouble shoot the start/crank circuit …starting from the battery. The jumper cables bypass the battery cables to battery post connections. Take the cables off and scrape, or wire brush, the battery posts and the cable terminals.

did that…then jumped car and started. I turned the lights on and it died…and wouldn’t restart. Can an alternator just go bad…so quick…had no problems at all until I pressure washed the car. Thanks yall from the deep south.