95 man tran Subaru Legacy (lack of power)

95 man tran Subaru Legacy (lack of power), Everyday at least once my car will cut off when I come to a stop. Also, at least once a day it seems like there is no gas pressure. What I mean is I will just be driving along and no gas is getting to where it needs to be. I can pump the gas pedal and the gas engages again. There seems to be no rhyme or reason. It doesn’t matter what the lay of the land is. I will say it has occured an increased number of times over the past 2 very warm days. It could be it’s just getting worse.

Is there a check engine light?

How many miles are on it? How old are the spark plugs and wires? Filters?

Your “gas” pedal is really an “air” pedal, btw. The computer sends the gas depending partly on what your foot is doing. There’s no reason to assume a fuel issue, though that is one of the possibilities.

There’s way too little information her to posit a guess. You need to have the fuel pressure evaluated, the ignition components, and a few other things. Like filters. And maybe the exhaust.

When was the last time the vehicle had a thorough tuneup?
Are there any other symptoms (even ones that may not seem related)?
What do the sparkplugs look like?
How much oil does it use?
Have you already had any evaluations done at all? What were the results?
Have you had any repairs made to it in the past year? What were they?

Oh, yeah, and does the engine rev when you push the pedal but the car not go faster, or does the car fail to rev at all?

Your vehicle does not have an OBDII system, so the amount of diagnostic information that can be acquired from the computer is limited, but there is still a lot that can be determined with diagnosis.