95' Isuzu Rodeo engine running too hot


Since May of this year, my engine has been running hot. Driving around town the temperature gauge sits in the middle of the meter, but once parked, you can feel alot of heat radiating from the front of the car. Driving 60-70mph on the freeway puts the temp gauge 4/5ths of the way to the right and turning on the air tips it even closer to the ‘H’.

There is a slow oil leak - leaks quicker the more driving I do, and a mechanic I trust said the oil is leaking into the pistons (if I remember correctly) and subsiquently out the exhaust.

He said correcting this would mean pulling the engine etcetera and it’s not really worth it for a 12 year old vehicle and the car and I can live with this leak for the foreseeable future.

Blowing out the hoses, flushing and replacing any specific or all fluids? Hopefully nothing too financially involved…




your cooling system may need to be flushed.

or the radiator may be clogged.

or the thermostat may be stuck partly open.

or the water pump may be going.

look in the yellow pages for a “radiator” shop.

they specialize in this type of thing.

couple hundred, maybe; maybe less.

but they could let you know how much it would be, and you can decide if its worth it.

in the mean time, DONT use the AC. it really works the temperature up.


the cooling fan(s) may not be working also.
this may explain why the car heats up when you are stopped, or moving slow.


Thanks you,

 I'll post the results as soon as I can get to a radiator shop.