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95 Isuzu Rodeo Clunks in the Back on Corners

I’ve got a 95 Isuzu Rodeo that makes a “clunk” sound in the back when making slow turns. After making a left turn, the clunk won’t happen again until I turn right, so there’s some kind of shifting going on. I’ve raised the vehicle and shaken the rear wheels vigorously and there is no unexpected play in the axels and no bearing noises when I spin the wheels. If it was in the front I’d be thinking ball joints, but the back just has leaf springs and a hard axle. This is a two wheel drive vehicle with the V6 3.2L engine.

mine had the same problem before i sold it. it was the cv joints in the drive shaft. they looked ok when i check them but i couldnt put enough manual press to see the problem with my own eyes just only here it when i took them out they were trashed. try the cv joints.

Do you ever recall changing your rear differential oil? It may be your rear diff having issues?

This is, admittedly a remote possibility, but I would suggest that you check the straps holding your gas tank. If the tank’s mounting are even just a little bit loose, the sloshing fuel will cause movement of the tank itself. This is rare, but I have seen it happen.

U joints on drive shaft…ya you betcha!