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95 Impreza, Calif vs 49 state timing belt

My 95 Impreza 2.2L was manuf for California. It came to Oregon and had a 49

state timing belt put on during an engine

repair. Dealer claims belts are interchangeable. I have lost 2.5 MPG, but

cannot prove the belt is the culprit.One theory, is the cam timing is altered by the Calif. belt and it reduced the fuel consumption. Any experience with this issue?

There is no difference between the belts. If the cam timing is off it’s because the belt was incorrectly installed.

I think you’re barking up the wrong tree.

The timing belt itself can’t affect fuel mileage. Like mcparadise said the california belt and the 49 state belt are probably the same thing, but if the belt was install incorrectly, and the timing consequently off slightly, then that could cause a lose in fuel mileage. As 2.5 MPG isn’t a dramatic loss, how are you coming up with your mileage figures?

The belt itself is not the source of the problem.

Instead slipshod installation of the belt is the likely source of the problem–assuming that other factors such as weather conditions, tire inflation, or lack of attention to other maintenance issues are not the cause of the drop in mpg.

There is no reason to replace the belt just because you moved to Oregon. Maybe it was just coincidental that it was due for replacement about the time you moved. If the belt was changed right after the move, the drop in gas mileage could be simply due to different driving conditions.

The belt is the same. As to fuel mileage differences that could be due to any one of a number of things ranging from someone setting a camshaft a tooth off to a number of things that are not their fault.

You state the belt was changed during an “engine repair”. Exactly what was this engine repair all about?

You also state the car “came” from CA to OR. Does this mean you lived in CA and moved there or is the story different?
If the car was being driven in the CA flatlands and it’s now in hilly terrain in OR then it’s quite possible to lose that much in fuel economy.

(Pardon the questions but the post leaves a lot of room for interpretation.)