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'95 Dodge Intrepid cold start issue

For awhile now, my car has had trouble with cold starting. Of course, it never occurs when I bring it to my trusted expert :slight_smile: He does think it could be a sensor that is under the hood which could need replacing because otherwise the starter, belts, alternator, all that is fine. However, I’ve had no luck finding any information about this sensor.

Of course, it doesn’t help that my knowledge of cars extends to knowing where the oil and steering wheel fluid goes :slight_smile:

Any thoughts?

any more info? 2 stroke engine? rotary engine? diesel engine?


There are a couple of sensors I think need to be checked. The coolant temperature sensor (CTS), and the ambient air temp sensor. Problems with either will send the wrong data to the computer about cold start needs.

Silly question, but has it been tuned up recently? Are there any computer codes available? Is your check engine light on? Do you smell gasoline when it won’t start? What sensor does your ‘trusted expert’ think is failing? The more info you can give, the better the chance someone can help.

Thanks all. I appreciate being asked for details. I’m never sure what info to convey when it comes to cars.

No check engine light. Six-cylinder 3.5L engine. I don’t have the device that can read the computer codes. No gasoline smell when starting, and I haven’t had a chance to follow up with my mechanic (keep meaning too but keep getting sent on business trips…)

I’ll check out the Coolant Temperature Sensor and the Ambient Air Temp.

If the check engine light hasn’t come on, there at least aren’t any ‘critical’ codes stored. On Chrysler vehicles, you can get a quick listing of codes by turning the ignition on-off-on-off-on. (don’t try to start the car, just turn it to “on”) The codes will blink out on the check engine light. Example, a 55 will be 5 blinks, a short pause, and 5 more blinks. 55 is the last code you will get I believe, and it indicates the display of codes is done, so if you only get a 55, it means no codes are set. Check it and post back. You didn’t mention if it had been tuned up recently as I’d asked.

Ok, I’ll try the code thing. Still need to look at the two sensors from above. Got smacked with a nasty sinus infection so sorta let the car lie for a few days.

If the one, or two, temperature sensors are indicating erroneously to the engine computer, it won’t know, and won’t turn on the check engine light. The resistance (ohms) of the sensors can be measured to indicate if they are accurate.