95 Altima hesitates and dies when cold

Hi All,

I have a problem with a 1995 Nissan Altima that I can not solve. I hope you can provide some guidance.

The problem started when the car (that belonged to my sister in law?s sister) ran out of gas. After filling the car, it started hesitating and occasionally it would stop. She had the car taken to a mechanic who changed the spark plugs, the fuel filter and the air filter. The car still hesitated. At this time they gave the car to me because it was parked in the street and in their neighborhood during the winter cars can not be parked in the street. While I was driving the car, the hesitation would go away when the car was in neutral or park, but it would hesitate when idling in gear and during acceleration. I checked the transmission fluid and found out that it was over filled and I drained it. While I was taking the transmission fluid out and according to the repair manual I was shifting the gears I discovered that the car would hesitated more when it was in reverse than in any other gear.

I took the car to a mechanic and they changed the transmission fluid and filter and also the oil and oil filter.

The car still hesitated. I replaced the fuel filter, fuel pressure regulator, one of the injector and cleaned the throttle body. I also checked the operation of EGR valve and it was OK. The car started to run without hesitation and I was happy to see it work. Unfortunately, after it warmed up it stopped completely. Then after a few minutes I could start it and it would run for two to three minutes and it would die. If the car is warmed but it is maintained in neutral or park it will not die. I should mention that this car has OBD1 and the engine light is not on.

I would appreciate any suggestion as to my next step in this quest.


Use an intake cleaner to include the idle air control valve (iac). You could take the iac out for a more thorough cleaning of the passage and the iac pintle (plunger). Use an MAF spray cleaner on the MAF. Could help.