94 vw golf

My Golf drives great except if I go through a mud puddle at a high rate of speed(maybe 20 or 30 MPH). When I hit the mud puddle my car drives great for about a mile then it will slowly lose power and then just shut down until it dries out then it starts just fine. It is carburated and has about 100k miles on it. I’m stationed in Belgium and Probably the 5th or 6th owner of this car due to people rotating out, other than that it runs great.



The ignition may be getting wet. Try some WD-40 on them when this happens and see if that helps. If the wires are old, just replace them. Note WD-40 is flammable!

The next likely issue would be water in the air intake and once it hits the air filter it will shut down.

Avoid puddles or protect the air intake from the water.

Also replace the distributor cap.

And check to see if the car has a lower shroud or lip spoiler that’s missing. We’ve had folks write in in the past about ignition systems getting wet due to missing chin spoilers.

Thanks for the info I will check it all out.