94 Villager Defroster

My Ac Compressor and condensor are toast, when on the AC does not work, but it can cause my car to stall, or if turned on at highway speeds makes the var bog down. I was fine with not using the AC, but will need to defrost my windows this winter. Fog on the windshield is no fun. That aside, friend of mine saidbI could diaconnect a wire on the condensor to stop it from bogging down while driving and get heat on the windshield again. Can I do this? If so, is it the wire that plugs into the compressor?

Thanks for any help, can not afford the grand it will cost to repair at the moment.

It’s the plug at the compressor clutch that you unplug.

Thanls for the super fast response!!

Your car is a rebadged Nissan Quest, and a Nissan dealer should be able to fix some of the more difficult problems. A Ford dealer would probably not even be interested.