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94 Olds Silhouette "Died While Idling"

Got 10 gal. gas and pulled into drive-thru; idling in park, the engine stuttered once, then died. First retry it started, ran rough for 1 second and died; second retry i tapped repeatedly on gas and it ran VERY rough for 1 second and died, never to start again. It turns over fine.
Can you tell me where the fuel filter is to test pressure?
BTW, it has nearly half million miles on it! 473k+

I believe it may also be the Ignition Control Module, a sensor, fuse or short. But want to eliminate possibilities with tests I can perform myself first.

Do a couple of simple tests first. First, either pull a spark plug, find a spare, or use a spark tester (from any auto parts store) to find out whether you have spark or not. just hook up whatever you have while someone cranks and someone else looks for spark. If you don’t have any then you know to look at that.

Second, spray some starting fluid into the intake & crank it. If that gets it to fire even if only for a few seconds, then you know to look at fuel.

Figure out which its most likely to be and then you can report back.

Great advice! Thanks… but that doesn’t tell me where the “intake” is. I’m an old school carb guy - I know where the throttle body is, but cannot find a fuel system diagram to describe where the lines are. I believe most of it is on the rear of the engine compartment.

The throttle body is the equivalent of the old throttle plate on a carb - you can blow starter fluid right in there, or just choose a vacuum connection somewhere near it which can be a little easier to remove/replace.

You should have either a 3.1 l or 3.4 l. Look for an elbow on the air snorkel with a tube going to the valve cover. Undo the tube at the air snorkel, & spray starting fluid, or even carb cleaner into it while somebody cranks the motor. If it attempts to start, I’d start looking at lack of fuel being the problem. Seems like a lot of fuel pumps zonk right after filling up.