94 Jeep GC-Laredo 5.2l 4x4 Fuel Pump?

Have 90k+, rebuilt engine 2yrs ago, 2connector rods bent and new crankshaft, etc. Ran well until 2 cold months back and simply stalled doing 50mph. Wouln’t restart. Towed and shop diagnosed bad fuel pump. Wanted $800 for replacement. Couldn’t afford. Friend took look at it and started without problem and drove it over 15miles, without stall. Couldn’t register fuel pressure at Strader valve, but always started and ran several miles without stall again. Though maybe fuel filter clog, so replaced it. Ran fine again, but 40 to 50 miles later died again. Dropped fuel tank to check to see if pump filter clogged, but found it very clean. Also tested electric pump with direct battery current on the bench and it operated.

Do these pumps fail intermittantly or could this be a simple fuel pump relay failing intermittantly. What else could be the problem? No check engine lights go on when malfunction occurs.

thanks for your help

Power to the fuel pump may be intermittent. There are a number of relays, and electrical connectors between the battery and the switches and relay and the fuel pump. Any one is suspect.
But, the problem may be ignition, also. You need to note how the engine stalled. Does it cut out suddenly; or, does it stumble and run rough before it stall?

hellokit: thanks…it seems to to suddenly feel like it wants to stall and then it responds very poorly to increasing the gas pedal pressure then it will stall shortly after. I guess you might say that it does not die suddenly. Does the fuel rail and its pressure regulator at the end have any thing to do with this or should the concentration be on the electrical side. Do the ingnition coils act this way when they are on the way out?
Thanks Again