94 chev suburban

“step on gas, truck feel like it is pulling a house, slight buck, but with more gas it moves, it has good presure out the exhast, all wheels are turning freely, engine idles great has lots of power,”

tested, cyl presure, fine
check engine timing, fine
made sure all wheels spin freely, fine
check all fuilds, fine
slight pinging sound can be heard, from time to time from center of truck
I’m thinking torque convertor. feels like engin is binding only when you put it in gear

Let me know what you all think

Have you determined if the transmission is starting out in 1st and shifting through all the gears?

If that is the case, you may be right about a problem in the torque converter. If the stator one way clutch is not holding, you will not get torque conversion and the engine will be revving slower than usual.

Hope this helps.

Check fuel pressure. 9-13 PSI is specs. The easiest way to do it is at the filter under the truck. The FP is always my first suspect on these old trucks with TBI with a driveability complaint such as yours. What usually happens is the short piece of fuel hose between pump and pipe in the sender gets a split in it. When this happens you might still have enough fuel pressure/volume at an idle but not enough under a load. If you don’t have enough fuel when you demand it, the engine will ping/spark knock and not have any power.

once we get the truck in motion it does travel though all gears, secondly if you put it in reverse and back up a hill, let go of the gas the truck will roll forward as if the TC is not providing suffiecent torque to gold the truck in reverse.

I have not check the fuel pressure but i will, that is simple enough to do, although i don’t believe it to be a fuel issue it is a very good point.

did you make sure both injectors are working. one injector will idle fine but is not enough to shift properly