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‘93 F250 ball joint, front upper

Folks, I need to replace my driver front upper ball joint. My question is, does anyone happen to know if there is a different part number for Twin I-beam front (4wd)? Im going to get a spicer or OE replacement.

Or anything specific I should know?

The page you linked shows a different part number for the ball joints on 4WD and rear wheel drive. Choose the one you need.

I would like to use the Dana 2001257
But im not positive it will fit, given Rockauto has screwed up in the past.

Doe’s the twin I beam have ball joint’s mine has king pin’s?


Mine does. Could me a year, engine, drive difference. Could be that the front hubs and everything else were changed out when one locked up years ago.

I am not a mechanic but every twin I beam I have ever seen or owned had king pin’s never had a 4WD.

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Ford used ball joints in later model twin I beam suspension that allowed for some caster and camber adjustment.


Ford shows part number 4C3Z-3049-DB. The Dana 2001257 matches that.

Why not just buy the ball joints from a local parts store?

I mean, after shipping is added if bought from Rockauto, it’s gotta be a push.

Then if you get a wrong part, it’s easily returned for the correct part.



Tester , there you go being logical . :thinking:


Local parts store (including local shops, like the one I work for) only stock their house brand, or Moog. And I hate moog.

They also charge absurd prices, $90 for that one joint plus 300 in labor.

Thank you that is something I did not know I had to put a camber kit in to adjust for alinement.

You must live in Hawaii or Alaska.


Colorado. Thats also the local alignment shops discount price (we contract all of our stuff there. Great shop, honest). I can get moog or house brands for $20-$30, but I don’t like redoing things every year.

That’s a shame . . . because Moog is generally considered to make high quality suspension and steering parts

Sometimes . . . but not always . . . Moog parts are actually better than factory parts

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I know people that have good and bad luck with them, But I have terrible luck. Whether I install or have any shop install. 6-9 months im replacing it.

It seems like the only variable — provided you’d correctly selected the make/model/year on RockAuto – is whether your truck is 4WD or 2WD. Just choose a ball joint that matches your truck’s configuration. Or is there something I’m missing?

The only other idea I can think of, sometimes in a situation like this I’ll surf over to Summit Racing website, see what they have to say.

Not really, besides the fact ive never done ball joints on my truck. Other vehicles yes.

I hadn’t even thought about summit… thanks for that