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93 camry Defog problem

I have 1993 Camry with 196000 kms on it.

I have a problem with the defog function. I have it set to outside air. It defogs great on the passenger side but not on the driver slide. Well, it defogs very slowly on the drivers side. I was told by the people who replaced my radiator that my air con wasn’t working. It definitely does not blow cold any more.

Are these two problems related or is something else cause my defog problems on the driver side?

My mechanic could not find what it could be as well.

Yee-Sin Law

When you use the DEFROST setting the A/C comes on and helps to remove the moisture from the vehicle.

As far as the defrost vents working better on the passenger side than the drivers side MAY be due to something blocking the vent. Perhaps a pen or something.

In addition to what Roadrunner said, you have to consider the fact that you and the moist air you exhale are on the driver’ side. If there is no one in the passenger seat, that’s a part of why the driver’s side is taking longer to defog.