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93 BMW 318is,coolant leak

I need someone to help this poor Christian Volunteer. I am not being self righteous, but I really took flak about a month ago because of a request for help.

I spent several months trying to repair a charity hospital van with WC lift. For my effort I was given the above vehicle which I in turn gave to a young student who recently came down with MS. I thought this would be a fantastic gift because he was in such need. His medical insurance had run out and he is essentially an orphan. His transportation needs are very miminal, needing to drive about 5 miles a day total.

Current problem: car was running fine, when the alt belt broke and left him stranded without power. Cost him over 250. When he got the car back from the shop, it started overheating and loosing its coolant. Shop told him he needed a radiator and also needed some work on the tranny.

I now have the car, the radiator does not have a hole and the main hoses are all intact. After a run of about 2 miles the temp goes up and I see steam. The only place I can find coolant leakage is coming from the bellhousing of the engine to the tranny. It does appear that there must be a coolant line running to the tranny from the radiator. Is there some internal line that cools the tranny fluid and if so how do I get to it. Anyone with ALL-Pro that can give me a diagrahm and suggestions?Thanks…Rocky

There was a by-pass valve added in the area you are talking about (the problem was bursting heater cores on other German cars and BMW wanted to head off the problem,it never happened on a BMW) anyway we put these kits on the drivers side (in the engine compartment near where the engine met the trans,these hoses could be leaking,they are hard to get to,and if its the valve thats leaking I don’t know where you can get one,the job was a BMW campaign so maybe a Dealer can help you with parts,the whole mess can be removed and restored but you had to cut the original hoses to fit the kit,this all assumes that your car got equipped with the by-pass,and I will withold comments that you took flack.