93 1/2 lincoln town car



I am in a friendly argument. The owner of a 93 1/2 Lincoln Town Car just bought a brand new town car and is frustrated because he says he cannot find a switch that controls his “automatic brights dimmer”. He states that his 93 has an automatic brights dimmer where upon if a car approaches him from the front, there is a sensor that automatically shuts off his BRIGHTS. Which means that he drives around at night with his brights constantly on. He assumed his new lincoln town car had that and has been driving with the brights on that one. Long story short, I say that his new one certainly does not have that feature, and I do not think his 93 has that either. I know in the late 70’s, that was experimented with, but proved to be horribly unreliable. Please settle this argument. Thanks


Auto-dim headlights are not offered on the 2008 Town Car. I am not absolutely certain, but I think that it was offered on the 93’s. I know of other early 90’s Ford products (like the Thunderbird) that offered auto-dim headlights.


On virtually ALL CARS these days, one of the the stalks on the steering column is used to dim the lights because it is close to either right or left hand. This stalk is pulled up by the fingers and is spring loaded. In other words, very much like your own car.

Very old cars had the dimmer switch on the floor and operated by the left foot.

Your friend, who I assume can read English, should read the owner’s manual, which will certainly have both a picture and a write-up as to where everything is.

My children behaved this way when they were impatient tennagers, and I always referred them to the right source of information.


If Google does not work for you, try www.crownvic.net or www.lincolnsonline.com/


The OP was talking about the automatic dimming option and I think he was looking for the switch to turn that from manual to auto. It dims the high-beams when it senses light in front of the car. You don’t touch anything for it to work. I think that almost everyone knows how manual dimmers work. BTW, the manual dimmer on some cars that is on the turn-signal stalk isn’t spring loaded. On many Grand Marquis*, you push it forward for bright (and it stays there) and you pull it back for dim (and it stays there). Flash-to-pass is still spring loaded.

  • What is the plural of Grand Marquis?