92 s10 rear end question

Hey everyone I’m about to swap out my rear and and was just wondering if my new one has a limited slip in it or not? It’s a 1992 s10 2wd 2.8 5sp. Rear end internals on the new used one looks a little different than my old one with the cover off but then again a lot of pieces were shattered, thanks in advance! ! New one IMG_2528|375x500



New one looks like it has positrac. Old one looks like open differential.

What’s the major difference I’m pretty ignorant when it comes to these lol and should there be any issues with the new one I got it from a junkyard and they said it would fit so I took their word for it…

In the old one, only one wheel would spin if you lost traction. In the new one, both tires will spin if one loses traction. You’ll probably want to use some limited slip additive when you put in the new gear lube. It may not be needed, but it won’t hurt. You can buy it at parts stores in a small 6 oz or so tube, and just pour it in when you pour in the gear lube.

Okay thanks for the info! Would there be any pros/cons of having this rear end?

Pro’s, better traction. In low traction conditions both rear wheels will propel the vehicle. With your old open diff the wheel with the least traction turns.
Con’s, none.

That appears to be a locker rear end but it doesn’t look like the Detroit Locker that I have some experience with. I suggest a close inspection of all the bearings before installing that rear end as there is rust on the ring gear and carrier.

The diff is what is called a Rev-Loc. It locks if, and only if, one wheel slips from a start. Once the truck is going about 25 mph the fly-weights defeat the locker function. So, it is limited slip, for a limited speed range. Should not cause any issues.

As long as the gear ratio is the same, you will have no issues. If it isn’t the same, the speedo will be wrong.

Thanks for all of the helpful information! As for the rust I’ve looked at everything as good as I could and all the teeth seem to be in great shape actually but I know it’s been sitting for some time with no gear oil in it and the cover halfway off! Someone already picked through it and took one of the axles out and the clamps on each side so I moved the clamps out of the old one and was a perfect fit now just take one of the old axle shafts off the old one and get the c clips in there. Hopefully the rust doesn’t cause too big of an issue once it’s all lubed up… fingers crossed