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92 celica won't go in gear

I have a 92 Toyota Celica GT five speed that won’t going to gear occasionally. I can drive several months at a time without having a problem and then all of a sudden when I start the car to put it in gear and I have to literally force it into gear or turn off the car and put it into gear. I can go 5,6,7 months at a time without having a problem. Then all of a sudden it won’t work. I would say within the last year I have had the problem I’m maybe three times. The last being yesterday since about September. I have had the car for 10 years and have replaced the clutch maybe three years ago. I have been driven a manual shift car since I was 16. Last year around March I replaced the slave cylinder and the problem seem to go away. And then it came back in May for a week. And then maybe againSeptember And now it’s back again. Do I really need another clutch?

When a clutch master cylinder is replaced, it is a really good idea to also replace the clutch slave cylinder. Otherwise, you are really only doing half the job.

After 22 years, I would be very surprised if the slave cylinder was not worn out.

I concur with @VDCdriver. When you only do half the job…it comes back to bite you sooner than later.

Actually, it was the slave cylinder that was replaced not the master.

Same difference when it comes to malfunctioning. Your mechanic should have known better.

Only half the job was done…