92 Camry v6

Smokes comes out of hood, check engine light is on, ABS light is on, the rpm needle jumps When I stop it jumps to #2, when it does that also the car shakes like vibratin…can any1 help me? Thanks :slight_smile:

Open your hood and check all your fluid levels, especially oil and coolant. Look for evidence of leaks. Report back with what you find.

In addition to what Keith mentioned, you need to share the following information with us if you are going to get responses that are truly valuable:

Odometer mileage
Maintenance record for at least the last 3 years–in detail. Please don’t give us a meaningless statement such as “it has been well-maintained”.

Also–since the Check Engine Light is lit up, the car’s OBD system has probably stored a trouble code or two, or… If you have not yet had the OBD system checked for these trouble codes, you need to do that. Many auto parts stores (Auto Zone, Advance Auto, possibly Napa) will read the codes for free. Then, come back to report the exact codes, along with the other information that we need. The code(s) will look something like “P0123”.

Not sure if a 92 had OBD yet.
On pre-96 cars, some manufacturers had service plugs under the dash you have to short that cause the code to be flashed on a dash light.

You’re probably better off asking this question on a toyota forum. There are some dedicated to ‘vintage’ cars like this one: http://www.toyotanation.com/forum/103-3rd-4th-generation-1992-1996-1997-2001/
Those guys know the ins and outs of these vehicles.

Remco–You are correct.

Somehow, I ignored the reality of the '92 model year, and that is potentially problematic.
If it has OBD, it is the OBD-1 system, which gives much less specific codes, and which auto parts retailers don’t seem to be interested in looking at. The OP needs to do the “Key Dance” or short-out some electrical contacts with a paper clip in order to count the flashes of the CEL. Those flashes are sometimes not that easy to interpret, and the codes are not always very helpful!

It sounds to me like you have multiple issues and if the best you can do is 2 sentences I don’t think anyone will be able to help you via internet. Even then it sounds to me like you just need someone who knows cars to look at it.

Have you at least opened the hood to see if you can tell where the smoke is coming from? What color is the smoke? What does is smell like?

Maintenance history would help.

Here are some instructions for getting your error codes, including an error code list: http://www.troublecodes.net/Toyota/

Cigroller IS DA MAN…COULDN’T have said it better meself. Sentence structure alone hints at a SERIOUS lack of interest… But hey that’s just me…being a jerk…I guess

The sentence structure to me suggests a gentleman who’s struggling to communicate the symptoms of a problem, but whose first language isn’t English.

I agree that there are multtiple issues, probably starting with a worn out engine pressurizing the crankcase, which is then pushing oil past tired, long-compressed valve cover gaskets. It’s probably then getting on the exhaust manifold, and perhaps even causing deterioration of the ignition wire insulation and or the serpentine belt…which may even be slippping. Oil may even be getting pushed past the front main seal and eating up the serpentine belt, again leading to slippage.

That shakin’…that’s likely erratic ignition, perhaps aggrevated by uneven compression…perhaps even a blown headgasket.

Someone needs to look at this baby hands-on. You may get lucky, but be prepared to start shopping.