92 Acura Vigor alt defrost/heating solution

My 92 Acura Vigor’s blower motor has died and after some research the 1200$ price tag to replace it is not going to happen seeing how I only paid 800$ for the car three years ago and its at 297,500 miles. What I am looking for is an alternative defrosting/heating solution. I live in Denver Colorado and I am looking for the windshield to defrost and be able to keep a temperature that will keep the windshield clear while driving. I am not looking to be toasty warm or anything. I do not know what wattage, amps, temperature I should look from. I have see from some saying from 120/15/75 - 500/45/175. Aside this and a few other issues due to the mileage the car works good enough for commuting to work seeing how I go less than 10 miles.

I have been looking at 12 volt heaters, cigarette lighter or in line heaters. It would be nice to able to just use one that I can plug directly into the cigarette lighter and not have to do any wiring but all the ones I have found have very very low reviews for either not really heating, just defrosting a few inches of space or just blowing the fuse with in a few minutes. The cigarette lighter in the Vigor runs off a 10 amp which make me believe I would have the same issue.


Old school buses have external electric fans that blow directly on the windshield–these should not be too hard to find or rig up to work on 12 volt DC with an inverter.

I am thinking you might need one for each side of the windshield.


I am looking for defrost/heating. That appears to just be a fan.