91 Honda won't start

91 Honda Civic won’t start sometimes

You can end the mystery…tell us what it DOES DO. Really! Does it crank normally? Does it shake, rock, rattle, and roll? Details impress us.

it cranks normally, it just won’t start sometimes. Sometimes you have to wait 5 mins then it will start. Other times you have to wait 20 mins or more before it will start, but it will crank normally.

Thanks for your help!!!

Sarcasm doesn’t become you. Often, Honda’s have this problem because of a fault in the distributor. The fix, then, would be to repair, or replace the distributor with a re-manufactured one.

Thanks for the suggestion, i will check on it with the dealer.

I’m sure the Honda dealer is a fine fellow; but, dealer garages are the most expensive in town. An independent shop can provide you with equivalent service at a MUCH lower cost. For example, a re-manufactured distributor from Auto Zone auto parts is $189. A dealer will charge you hundreds of dollars more, and probably tell you that they (the dealer) can only install a new Honda distributor.