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'91 F150 won't drive

This discussion was created from comments split from: Your Credentials Please.

Hey everyone so not sure if I’m posting in the correct spot or not. Anyways, I have a 91 f150 custom with the 4.9l and 2wd it is manual and or a 5 speed. Now here’s the problem, I can’t seem to get it to drive. It shut off at a stop light when I was taking it out of gear and it has not drivin since. Now I can start it with the clutch peddle pushed down but when I go to let the pedal out to let it idle it lurches forward as if it were still in gear. Now it doesnt seem to have 1st,2nd or 4th when it is running meaning I can’t run it through its gears and I can not do that when it’s turned off as well. Does anyone have the slightest idea what is happening with it because I don’t.