'89 Volvo 740 GL Mass Air Flow Sensor

My husband and I took our Volvo to a mechanic due to a Check Engine Light. He said we needed to replace our “air flow meter.” When we researched this online all that came up was info on a Mass Air Flow Sensor" so we bought one on Ebay that matched our part. My husband replaced it and the Check Engine light went off. Well after the car driving very roughly for 6-7 blocks the engine stalled. We were able to turn the car back on but it only stalled again after my foot was off of the gas pedal. We made it home and put the old MAF Sensor back in and the car is running like it was before, which is fine.

We are thinking that the part we bought on Ebay was broken, do we exchange it for the same part of just return it? The original MAF Sensor is a Bosch and the Ebay part is not a Bosch. Do we have to buy a Bosch in order for it to work?