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89, mercedez 260E,v6..200k plus miles

I got oil in my coolant …the engine has no water…trany is good too…when I drive the temperature is good, but when I’m at a stop it gets hotter…when I add oil that’s whence I notice…could it be a simple fix or is it the gasket???; Thank you…

Likely head gasket, cracked head, or cracked block. You, sir, have yourself a project for this weekend.

This is a project car for a person with tons of patience and very deep pockets. I would make an estimate as to what it takes to fix it and then decide whether to keep it or sell it for parts. A “new” Mercedes engine runs about $19,000+ and even a good used one will set you back at least $7000-$8000.

The 89’ 260E should have an INLINE 6…No? Not that bad of a job if you know what you are doing…What do you declare your mechanical abilities are? It would be a weekend project for me…but I am not your typical consumer.

Have you made sure that the engine oil is not diluted with coolant? If it is, then the engine’s lower end is being washed out, or has been washed already.