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89 Geo Tracker Keeps Dying

I have a Geo Tracker with 120,000 miles. it starts without hesitation but idles a little high until warmed up. the problem is that it keeps dying without any warning. when it dies it smells like it has flooded. it takes a few minutes to get it started but then runs perfectly smooth again. If I haven’t driven it for a few weeks, it will go three for four days before it starts acting up.I changed out the Plugs, Plug wires, and fuel filter.

Given the age of the vehicle that sort of problem could be a bunch of things. I’d start by having someone pull the codes to see if the computer indicates a problem. My first hunch is an O2 sensor but again that’s just an educated guess. Changing plugs and wires wasn’t a bad idea as it probably needed those anyway but I wouldn’t keep throwing parts at it until I knew the correct parts that need replacing.

do we know if you’re losing spark, fuel, or both?