88 toyota leaking oil


this car starts up every time ready to roll. the problem is: it’s leaking oil, rusty, odometer is broke, only one seat belt works, you have to roll down the window to open the door, it smells, AND my husband can’t let go of it. I would like to take it to the junk yard for parts, or somehow recycle its working parts. any suggestions?


Who drives it, you or hubby? If it’s hubby’s buggy, then accept it as his friend complete with all its imperfections and be happy he isn’t materialistic.

Unless the rust is beginning to caues a safety concern.


What is the problem?


When he buys a great new car, be very suspicious. Same as if he switches from briefs to boxers. If he wears shorts with wing tipped shoes and argyle socks, don’t worry.


What model Toyota. If its a 4wd Tercel wagon, they’re addictive, get used to it and I have a web site for him.