88 Subaru GL wagon - lots of RPM but not power



The Subi started acting funny after I went down to some Nampa, ID (outside of Boise) junkyards to get some parts. Going up hills with the AC was killer. ANything over 35 was impossible. The engine would rev up really high but there was no power going to the drive.

Now when I drive it anywhere it will rev way up and still little to no power. When I shift up it revs way up to 4500 or more RPMs and still no power to the drive.

It doesn’t sound bad it just really revs up and there isn’t any power transfer. It still drives it is just really slow to accelerate and the RPM’s get a little scary sometimes.

It wasn’t going into gear very well just before this though, but only one time.

Anybody know what the problem could be.


If this is a manual transmission vehicle it sounds like the clutch plate is shot.


Manual transmission = clutch shot

Automatic transmission = transmission shot (well at least it needs service)


Have you checked to see if your emergency brake may be partially engaged? It doesn’t take much to cause problems. Just a silly thought.


After driving, check the brakes and see if theyre super hot. The parking brake may have not fully disengaged, or there may be one or both stuck calipers.

Just trying to point to possible simpler solutions.


but the engine wouldn’t rev like that with a stuck caliper. My vote’s clutch too.


It it is an automatic, the extra load would keep it from upshifting, keeping the RPMs high. Itd help if we knew more about the car.