'88 Samurai alignment

Steering wheel is crooked. It is driving me insane. Had a front end alignment. No good. Neighbor said, you need a 4 wheel alignment, a mechanic said you can’t do 4 wheel alignments on Samurai’s. he said I need a leaf spring hardware kit, u-bolts and nuts, guide bolts for leaf springs. Or maybe there is a problem with the leaf springs themselves in that bolt holes could be oval instead of round. Is this the case, or is my neighbor right?

Thanks for the assist.

It is true that there is no adjustment in the rear suspension, so there is no four wheel alignment. Badly worn rear suspension components can cause the steering wheel to be off-center and will also give you the sensation and appearance that you are driving down the road at an awkward angle. You can still have a good alignment shop set it up as a four wheel alignment and if the rear measurements are far off, you have damage somewhere.