88 Jeep 4.0L High Rev Start Condition Fix

After a long and tormenting troubleshoot for a High Rev condition at start I found the problem !!!

The Knock Sensor on the 1988 Jeep 4.0L has a flimsy metal foil that wraps the Sensor wires for electrical shielding. Due to deterioration over time for a variety of reasons this foil does not protect from induced EMF from adjacent wiring and as such gives erroneous electrical data to ECU. This can be corrected by replacing the failed shielding with a braided shielding that has a wire attached to ground (preferrably at both ends of the shielding, can be accomplished by soldering wire onto the end of braid with ring termination at end of wire that is screwed into ground locations). TA-DA, no more problems and a long term fix for an oldie but goodie !!