88 buick century

in tank fuel pump keeps going out

The problem is probably debris in the tank that isn’t getting properly cleaned out, low quality fuel pumps, or most likely a combination of the two.

“Keeps going out” in what way? What does that mean? Does it mean the fuel pump stops running, or what? How do you know? Have you changed (or, have had changed) the fuel pump multiple times? How old is the vehicle?

fuel pump stops running have replaced twice.the third time it went out took the pump out of the tank and hooked it up to battery to test it and it worked so i put it back in and worked for about six weeks or so.it just stoped working again also noticed before it goes out the pump gets louder and stays running for five or ten seconds after i shut off the car. then thats when it stops running. tested to see if i was getting power back to the wire connection and there was power

I’ve been there done that. I would suggest a very very careful look at the wiring connections and the wire itself. You’ve got to replace the harness and suspect that you have a wire problem from the tank to the computer. Also, you should be replacing the relay when the pump is replaced. Worn relays, bad connections, etc. cause pump failures.

have replaced the relay will try the new connector i do get power back to the connector at the fuel tank though thanks for the suggestion