87 Escort

Had a 87 escort with those auto shoulder straps and every couple of months the straps wouldn’t move and the engine would just crank and not start. This would last a few hours or a dozen start attempts and then all would be well again. Anyone else have this? We traded it in years ago and never did get it fixed. The dealer could never get it to break long enough to find the problem. Thanks Bob in Indiana

I wonder if the dealer’s mechanics COULDN’T or WOULDN’T repair it. It doesn’t have to be happnin’ to be troubleshot and repaired. My SWAG is that the circuits have a common power supply circuit. I don’t have the wiring diagrams to confirm this. That’s why it’s a SWAG.

I had an 87 Lynx… same car. My automatic shoulder straps also stopped working but I developed other problems that I concluded came from a bad ground. My headlights started to go out randomly. Could never find the problem either. I unplugged this feature and just put the strap over me. It started working randomly. Thanks for the memory.