'86 westfalia fuel problem

I have an '86 westfalia and I live in Seattle. Last year my westfalia would periodically stop running. The van would be cruising along and then it would decelerate as if there was no gas. I would quickly turn the ignition off and then on and it would run for another 10 or 15 seconds. The problem occurred most frequently when it rained; I can’t remember it being a problem when it wasn’t raining. But, now the problem occurs regardless if it is raining. Does anyone know which part of the engine I should begin with to diagnose this problem?

First off, change your distributor cap and spark plug wires if that hasn’t been done lately. Maybe do a full tune-up while you’re at it. Most likely, that’ll fix it-- water causes the ignition system to ground and the electricity doesn’t get to the spark plugs, hence non-running. There are many other electrical connections that could be problematic, but the high-voltage components (cap and wires) are the most susceptable. Try a tune up and post back.

Also, take a look at the fuse for the fuel pump.