86 Ranger Dies While Idling; Otherwise Runs Ok


I drove into work this morning, about 30 mile commute, and ducked into a drive-thru Starbucks. After coming to a stop in line, the enginer started sputtering. A little pressure on the accelerator made the engine rev a little, but continued to sputter. It then died. It started easily, idled smoothly for 10 seconds, started sputtering, then died. This sequence happened 3 more times until I got my coffee and continued to work, each time I stopped, it would start sputtering again. At speed, it seemed to run fine. I did notice a slight gas smell after I got to work and let it sputter out. Any ideas if this is a sensor issue, or something more serious. The truck is fuel injected, manual transmission.


The gas smell might be a clue.

The stalling might be caused from a leaking fuel pressure regulator diaphram. If the diaphram in the regulator has developed a leak, an uncontrolled amount of gas can enter the engine. This might not show up while running at speed down the highway. But when stopping the excess fuel can start to flood the engine. And this will cause the engine to run rough, sputter and stall.