86 bmw 325 issues

car cranks fires then dies what the #@!* PLEASE HELP

since none of us know if the problem is a lack of spark or lack of fuel about all we can do is make a few guesses about some of the more probable causes.

make sure there is 12 volts provided to the coil when the key is in both the RUN and the START position. no power in either points to a faulty ign. switch.
after that, verify if the pump is running and whether you have fuel pressure or not.

here’s a list of wiring applications if this turns out to be a wire tracing exercise.

it’s not that complicated. about the best i can advise right now considering sparse details.

The car fires up to 1K rpms an imidietly dies so its getting spark an it has fuel in the air intake. sensor maybe ? somthings telling it to dump way to much fuel. please help

the complaint still does not provide enough info.
my suggestion was to verify that power is beibg provided to the coil in both the run and start positions of the key switch.

if there is an excessive amount of gas poolinf in the intak manifold then one should suspect that the fuel pressure regulator diaphragm has ruptured.
remove the vacuum line from the reg. and note if there is fuel in the hose. if so, you probably need a new f.p. regulator.

no fuel in vac line appears to have no spark to ignition coil

With the key in the run positoin thers spark going to the ignition coil,the ignition coil is marked with -an + theres current going to both is that a good thing? another thing the engines main ground wire broke an I replaced it with 2 8 gauge wires maybe insuficent ground coud be the problem ? please help

if you have power provided to the + terminal of the coil with the key in both the RUN and the START position this means the ign. switch is more than likely good. not 100% certain, but close enough.

remove one of the plug wires, insert an old plug, ground the plug threads to metal, crank the engine, and note if you see a spark jumping the plug gap. if not, you have a problem with the coil itself, the ignition module, the Hall Affect coil in the distributor, or a wiring fault/blown fuse.
when it comes to electrical things ALL fuses should be checked first because the ign. is often dependent on more than one circuit.

at this point i can only advise that you should determine if a spark is being produced or not. this info greatly helps in trying to pick this apart.

pulled ignition coil to get tested it wasnt puting out enough current couldnt get it tested put it back in an its puting out enough but still fires an dies what the hell. please help