85 Riviera

Clunking sound in the transmission (both forward and reverse, sounds like a skipping gear). Pulled the differential and everything looks ok. Never worked on a front wheel drive transmission before. Wife would kill is she new I was thinking about fixing this car! I have put many new parts in the car and would hate to donate it but need to stay married ANY SUGGESTIONS!! TOM

I think the CV joints in the front axles are the most likely cause so I would have a look at them first or see if there is a change while turning.

I have had customers use the term "skipping gear’ and I never new what they were refering to, so help me out ,what does skipping gear mean?

I initially was told about the CVs. I checked them and even pulled the differential to make sure the input shafts are not slipping. Everything on the differential looks good. A friend of mine who works on older cars said he experienced something like this in the past and said front wheel drive transmissions have gears and a chain that can skip but I do not know anything about front wheel drive transmissions. The car has new cvs and new upper and lower ball joints. You can feel the noise or “skipping sound” even in the gas pedal when you give it gas. Any help is greatly appreciated!!!